About Us

Kinga Wyszyńska

wedding planner, co-owner of the wedding agency “I Ślubuję Ci…”


The process of preparation is for me the most fascinating part of the wedding planner’s work. Each couple is an unique story of love, trust and devotion. It is also a one of a kind vision of This Special Day which we will be happy to bring to life.

Thanks to the knowledge gained during my journalism degree at the University of Silesia I became the co-host of the “Ślublogowanie” blog, which focuses on the topic of weddings. Management degree completed at University of Economics in Katowice provided me with an opportunity to develop my innate management skills. It also ignited my interest in marketing and social media.

In my personal life I pay a great deal of attention to details. Those are crucial to me and it shows during my work on organizing weddings and other events. Everything has to be buttoned up so that the Newlyweds can solely focus on each other on that special day.

Attention to details is connected to my love for fashion. Choice of colours and accessories are my strong suits which you can make use of during our cooperation.

If you can dream it, you can do it” is my motto.

Angelika Kubieniec

Wedding planner, co-owner of the wedding agency “I Ślubuję Ci…”


I loved planning and organizing for as far as I can remember. There is no place for coincidences in my life. As a perfectionist, everything always has to be under my control so that it does not disturb my inner rhytm.

I completed my degree in the field of management, which provided me with extensive knowledge on how to manage my budget and how to foresee the effects of my decisions. My studies at the university also allowed me to gain management skills and experience. Thanks to them I am not afraid to take on challenges in the fascinating and demanding field of planning weddings and other events.

I am an optimist. Thanks to my natural empathy and open mind working with people is a very exciting experience which also allows me to develop myself. Since weddings are meaningful  events and have to be memorable, my main priorities are great atmosphere and relationship with the Newlyweds.

I am passionate about photography. Seeing perfection on the pictures makes me feel fulfilled. For me, photography is strongly connected with travels. Thanks to them I gain experience and find inspiration. Other cultures are immensly fascinating and allow me to broaden my horizon. After the trip I am always full of positive energy and I try to implement the new knowledge and experience into my life, both personal and professional.

Inspire and be inspired” is my motto.