I ślubuję Ci…

I Ślubuję Ci… wedding agency was created to help you as newlyweds with preparation of their wedding efficiently and without stress. We aim to provide you with time for yourselves so that you will not forget that you, your love and happiness, are the most important during this special time. Our vast knowledge of the trade will let us take the pressure off of you – the newlyweds, and prepare the wedding ceremony according to your expectations and dreams.

Our mission and duty is to provide you with time you can spend together without worrying about the wedding formalities. We will make sure that no unforeseeable situation stands in the way of your happiness so that you can fully focus on each other.

What really matters is you! 

We are perfectionists who pay a great deal of attention to every detail, so you can be sure that your special day will reflect your childhood dreams. We have high sense of aesthetics and style. Our practical knowledge comes from the practice at “Wytwórnia Ślubów” – one of the leading Polish companies which trains future wedding consultants. Said company is recommended by Polish Association of Wedding Planners.

To ensure your wedding is perfect we cooperate only with trusted partners, who can meet the expectations of even the most demanding couples. We know that they are an important part of your special day, so we leave no space for mistakes.

We love working with people – each couple is unique so each wedding organized by I Ślubuję Ci… brings a completely new challenge and goals and most importantly it creates a new story – your story.


Let us get to know you well and we promise that our journey together will give you time to rest and enjoy your engagement from the first day of planning to the wedding day.

It is you who create this special day and it will be an honour to us to be the architects of your dreams.


By choosing I Ślubuję Ci… we guarantee you that our professionalism, cool head for planning and ability to care about multiple aspects simultaneously will make your wedding an unforgettable event.

Taking on the responsibility for the organization of the wedding, we take the pressure of this duty off your shoulders so to allow you, as in accordance with the spirit of our business, to “have time for love”.

See you soon!

What we offer

Complex organization of the wedding and reception

Our cooperation starts with getting to know each other and your expectations. You tell us your love story and share with us the vision of your wedding. The next step is the creationof  the schedule of actions to be taken – we schedule the dates of the meetings and of completion of specific elements.


Do not worry! Each decision is made by you, and our job is to present you with the best options.

Coordination of the wedding day

You have everything prepared, however you are anxious of unforeseeable situations? We are with you during your wedding day and we will take care of everything so that you can focus on what is important on that special occasion.


You have always dreamt of an outdoor wedding, however you are not certain how to deal with all the formalities? Leave them to us, we will make sure that even the weather does not spoil your special day!

Organization of individual elements

You have booked your dream wedding hall and your favourite photographer, made an appointment with your trusted hairdresser, however there are a few elements you struggle with? You can count on us! Not only we take care of the organization of the whole event but also we can help with specific aspects of the preparations as well.

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